Stann or Kennedy On UFC FOX 2 Card?

The UFC was working to have Brian Stann (11-4) be a part of UFC 144 in Japan. However, Stann told JP Lasaleta of that those plans went up in smoke.

“I thought I was fighting on the UFC card in Tokyo. I thought I was going to fight a gentleman by the name of Ikuhisa Minowa or “Minowaman” (51-32-8) and unfortunately, you know, the fight didn’t happen. He actually asked to fight me. I agreed and then for some reason it just didn’t materialize.”

In case you didn’t know, Brian Stann was actually born at Yokota Air Base in Japan but grew up in Scranton, Pennsylvania. However, the American hero was really pushing to fight in Japan at the Saitama Super Arena on February 25th, 2012.

“From what I was told by the UFC, I think they already filled the main card for that one, so there’s not really any room for me anymore.”

There could be a spot ready for Stann on January 28th in Chicago, Illinois for the UFC’s first four fight show on FOX. The UFC will most likely announce who will be fighting on that card in the coming days. Nothing is for sure but Brian Stann’s involvement would make the most sense. You have a Silver Star Marine who is not only a war hero but a pretty talented fighter. He is somebody the American audience could gravitate to.

There are all kinds of rumors going around on who is going to headline that next FOX event. I don’t believe Stann will be the headliner, but he can definitely add an element to the live broadcast for the casual fan. In the United States the FOX network is as pro-American, pro-business and most of all pro-military as any network can get. Everybody likes a feel good story especially when it involves a military man.

FOX would love to have a military veteran with a story on their broadcast. Tim Kennedy (14-3) is another one of those guys who would fit perfectly for a UFC on FOX card. Kennedy, who was an elite Army soldier and given the Army’s Bronze Star for courage under fire, just recently left Strikeforce and signed with the UFC. Kennedy had put together two impressive back-to-back wins in Strikeforce and is waiting for his first UFC opponent. Currently there is no match up for Stann or Kennedy but expect there to be one announced in the not too distant future.

If you want me to play match maker, I would love to see Brian Stann vs. Alan Belcher (17-6) on FOX. There is no way in hell I would match up Tim Kennedy vs. Brian Stann right now. I would think the UFC would make sure that they don’t have to fight each other in the foreseeable future. Both those guys are extremely marketable and both men help in selling the sport especially to an audience who are watching the UFC for the first time or who have preconceived notions that all MMA fighters are nothing but meat heads. There is also their friendship that could make it difficult to convince them to fight each other, but who knows for sure. I personally don’t see the UFC match makers going down that road just yet.

You could also throw Demian Maia (15-3) into the mix as a possible opponent for either man. For now though Brian “The All American” Stann is on the sidelines waiting for his next opponent and he’s ready to fight now.

“I’m waiting. If someone gets hurt, I’d happily to jump in.  You know, whether it’s Mayhem Miller, Bisping, Vitor or any of those guys. I’m ready to go.”

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