Renan Barao defeats Urijah Faber to become the Interim Bantamweight Champion

by • July 21, 2012 • News, UFCComments (0)

The fight that was expected to excite had the fans in Calgary boo’ing at times and even chanted “Boring” following the fight.

The entire fight had Barao landing the cleaner shots, with Faber just coming up short. Somewhat reminiscent to the featherweight title fight between Faber and Barao’ Nova Uniao stablemate Jose Aldo as Barao chipped away with leg kicks and used his distance.

Faber looked to land offence at points but the long, lanky frame and lightning-fast speed were giving the Alpha Male leader fits as he essentially cruised to victory over 25 minutes.

Following the fight Barao spoke about the victory.

“I came very well prepared for everything, Urijah was a great fighter, but I was prepared.”

Congratulations to the new interim champion and we look forward to seeing him fight the champ Dominick Cruz.

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