Okami grinds down Roberts for 2nd round TKO win

The “Thunder” rolled as Yushin Okami got a much-needed win over Jackson’s product and possible Freebird Buddy Roberts.

Roberts looked impressive in the stand-up early, but Okami was eventually able to drag Roberts down and keep him there. Okami was able to keep advancing his position into mount and tried to finish but ran out of time as the first round ended.

The second stanza saw more of the same as Roberts lit up Okami early before being dragged down by the best Japanese wrestler in MMA. This time, Okami was able to get mount with about half the round left. Roberts went to his back and Okami threw away. Roberts blocked a lot of shots but was unresponsive as the referee decided enough was enough.

 Yushin Okami:

“I was away from victory but with this I feel like I’m on the path back. I came to Denver early so that I would be in the best condition possible for this fight. I was able to use my ground and pound which is my best weapon.”


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