UFC 150 preliminary card report

The prelims are underway in the home of the original UFC event in Denver, Colorado for UFC 150. MMASucka proudly brings you as-it-happens coverage and quotes from the fighters in the action-packed preliminary bouts below:


Nik Lentz vs. Eiji Mitsuoka

Lentz came out determined to bring the fight to Mitsuoka, pressing the action but still blocking and countering beautifully. Lentz was able to continually drag Mitsuoka to the mat where he unleashed some vicious ground and pound until the referee had seen enough. After the fight, Lentz credited his work with Mike Dolce for his first featherweight triumph.

I went out there and did what I knew I was going to do. I’ve been training so hard with Mike Dolce and American Top Team. With them on my side I knew the move to 145 would be successful. It’s crazy but it was actually easier for me to make 145 than it was to make 155 with Dolce’s help the weight just fell off. This was by far my most impressive win and it wouldn’t have mattered if it was a featherweight or a middleweight in there with me tonight. Regardless, I would’ve won this fight.


Chico Camus vs. Dustin Pague

Camus’ UFC debut was a successful and impressive one, as he was able to withstand a Pague triangle in the first round and continue an aggressive pace. Camus was able to score with some ground and pound in the second round and cemented the victory in the third as he fought through another Pague submission attempt to work his way into mount and lash out with some furious blows. After the fight, Camus was ecstatic, while Pague was understandably reserved.

Chico Camus:

“Dreams come true and I started off with a bang at 1-0 in the UFC. I almost finished him with that strike but then I was able to dominate on the ground and score points at the close of the fight. I want to come back and fight again as soon as possible. We are always in shape and ready to go back to back here at Roufusport.”

Dustin Pague:

I don’t want to make any excuses about the loss but I really need to heal my body up before I step in the octagon. So I’m going to pray the UFC gives me another chance to prove what I can do on a full healthy training camp.


Erik Perez vs. Ken Stone

The fight ended as I began to type. Perez catches Stone with a right hook to the chin and Stone faceplants. Stone attempts to stand but Perez pounces and pummels Stone until Herb Dean ends it. Stone attempts to keep going but Dean was correct in the stoppage. Perez wins in the fastest KO in bantamweight history and is galvanized for another bout.

Erik Perez:

“I think when I first hit him he was out. When he got up after he didn’t know what was going on. After getting a decisive win I think I will have a lot more opportunities here in the UFC so I’m very excited. So much is going through my head and my heart right now it’s an incredible feeling. I expected a crazy three rounds back and forth so I’m ready to jump back in there whenever the UFC wants me. My first fight I had two weeks notice and this one I had four weeks so I’m ready to show what I can do on a full camp.”


Michael Kuiper vs. Jared Hamman


The Dutch kickboxer with a judo background Kuiper was able to establish his game early. He got a takedown early, and was able to batter Hamman with strikes throughout the first round. Hamman suffered a leg injury and limped back to his corner. Despite that. Hamman showed heart in answering the bell for the second. Unfortunately, heart only got him so far as Kuiper continued to unload in the second before dropping Hamman twice and the referee had seen enough.


Michael Kuiper:

I didn’t see any problem with the stoppage because he was still fighting and defending himself intelligently out there. The altitude here can be very hard because in Holland we are right at sea level but I trained very hard for this fight and was ready to perform. Feels great to go out there and get a win after losing my last fight but I didn’t feel any added pressure because I knew what I was going to do.


Jared Hamman:

My plan was to get in there and outwork him and tire him out in the early part of the fight. In the first round Mike picked me up and when I put my right leg down I felt something tear. After that I couldn’t put any weight on that side and it made it pretty hard to do anything.


Dennis Bermudez vs. Tommy Hayden

The early going saw Hayden repeatedly try to take Bermudez down to no avail. Hayden then landed a huge knee that sent Bermudez tumbling down. Hayden went for a choke but Bermudez was able to slip out the back door. Back on the feet, Bermudez blasted Hayden with a front kick and was able to secure a standing guillotine for the victory.


Dennis Bermudez:

“I had a feeling I was going to get hit a lot coming into this fight. I think fighters are afraid to go in there and get hit but I say come on in and hit me and I’ll still win. Tommy is a tough guy and my team did a little research on him coming in so we knew what to expect. He was tapping when I locked up the choke but the referee was on the opposite side and couldn’t see. I wasn’t going to risk letting him go and missing the finish so I would’ve put him to sleep if the ref didn’t step in. I think I’ve finally got the weight cut down to a science an I’m working on my strength and explosiveness with the best guys in the world. Very happy with the win and I’m ready to climb the ladder in the division.”





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