Ken Shamrock a attacks a woman that he mistook for a man

by • August 24, 2012 • NewsComments (0)

This might be the most bizarre 24 hour span in mixed martial arts history. UFC cancels their first event in eleven years, everyone except Sub Zero raises their hand to fight Jon Jones and now a report comes out that Ken Shamrock has been charged with battery.

And that’s not even the best part, the early UFC legend didn’t even know that it was a woman, well according to him anyway.

UFC Hall of Famer Ken Shamrock had a battery report filed against him, this after being accused of battering a woman at a California mall. Ken has stated that it was an honest mistake due to the fact “Cause I thought she was he.”

“The worlds most dangerous man” was apparently hanging out at a mall in Modesto, California last month when he noticed a fight break out between two women in front of the “Coach” store.

It’s reported that Shamrock tried to jump in to separate the “cat fight” when a LARGE bystander jumped on Ken and took his back in order to remove him from the altercation. Shamrock’s rep told TMZ that Ken threw the person off his back and followed that up with a move that knocked the attacker down to the ground.

Shortly after the knockdown the crowd apparently started yelling at Ken “You just hit a girl!”. Ken took a closer look only to realize that the person was indeed a female and he instantly backed out of the ‘ladies den’.

When officers arrived on the scene they filed a battery report against Ken, while noting that the only injury to the woman was a small laceration on the left knee. Odds are that “The worlds most dangerous man” will not be prosecuted as officials have already stated that they believe Ken was the victim and only acting in self defense.

Shamrock’s rep stated for the record “Outside the ring, Ken is not a violent man … and was only trying to do the right thing.”

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