Video: Mike Swick gets knee drained

by • September 5, 2012 • News, UFCComments (1)

Mike Swick made an impressive return to the octagon after a two and a half year hiatus. He wound up on the bottom of a very dominant DaMarques Johnson in the first round at UFC on FOX 4, however landed a devastating diving punch that KO’d Johnson in the second.

Swick underwent surgery 3 weeks ago, but is expected to take on Matt Brown in December at UFC on FOX 5. Unfortunately, Swick has been overtraining a little since the surgery and has sustained fluid build up in his knee.


The video below is not for the faint of heart, only watch if you are a sick monkey.

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  • jeff

    dude thats pretty awful. but cool. one note i have is to tell the guy draining your knee to glove up, for his protection and yours.