Dana White talks Jon Jones, Machida/St-Pierre, Anderson Silva and much more

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UFC President Dana White is in jolly ol’ England this week for UFC on FUEL TV 5. The folks at MMA Crazy TV caught up with White to chat about some of the major news in the UFC.

Many felt Jon Jones’ injured elbow was an extensive one, including Jones himself. However, White thinks otherwise.

“I just don’t see him being out that long — it doesn’t seem like it’s gonna be that bad. If it was gonna be that bad, he’d be in some serious pain, and we’d know [if he was injured]. Which is amazing considering that armbar.”

What happens with the light heavyweight division next? Chael Sonnen stepped up to the plate, Anderson Silva is now in the division, Dan Henderson was supposed to have a title shot and Lyoto Machida turned one down. White gives us one answer.

“We’ll see what happens. Machida will probably fight Dan Henderson. We’re still working it all out.”

Keeping with the light heavyweight division, White spoke about Chael Sonnen and the whole UFC 151 debacle, as well as the rest of the 205lbs ladder.

“He [Sonnen] was the one who stepped up to the plate. All the other guys that were number one in the pecking order, every one of them said ‘hell no’. Then I see a thing today where Machida’s like ‘I want to fight GSP’… where the f*** did that come from? Him [GSP] and Anderson makes all the sense in the world, him and Machida makes no sense whatsoever. Doesn’t that tell you something, when everyone was looking for that number one contender spot, and now no one wants to be the number one contender in the light heavyweight division?”

Most people are still hoping for that big super-fight between Georges St-Pierre and Anderson Silva and Dana White is no different. Although he has other match-ups in mind as well.

“I think Anderson Silva is one of those guys, I mean, he’s broken every record in UFC history, I think he’s gonna get to the point where he wants to challenge himself and try new things. Try Georges St. Pierre, try Jon Jones. I mean, Jon Jones and Anderson Silva obviously would be a big fight, GSP/Anderson would be a big fight. I’ve got to be honest with you, I like Bisping vs. Anderson. I think that Bisping doesn’t get the credit he deserves for as good of a fighter as he is. I’ve always thought Bisping looked good. I’ve always thought his wrestling was way underrated, I thought his striking was underrated. The guy had one big loss to [Dan] Henderson in his entire career, and because of his personality, and the way that he is, people like to stick it to Bisping. Bisping’s awesome.”

Thanks to the folks at MMAmania.com for the transcription.

Check out the full interview below.


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