TUF 16 report: Episode 10

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We begin with a recap of last week’s show and the split between fellow Canadians Michael Hill and Mike Ricci.

We cut to an awkward scene as Hill bypasses Ricci before Ricci explains his reasoning behind wanting to fight his countryman stating that he knocked off the top pick for Team Nelson in Dom Waters, now he wants to beat the second pick.

We get the flipside of this with Hill. He feels betrayed that Ricci wanted to fight him because they made a pact not to fight each other.

In the Team Carwin training room both Bristol Marunde and Neil Magny we get a strange set-up as both pick their cornermen to help them prep for their fight against one another and spar in the same vicinity.

Neil Magny vs. Bristol Marunde

Round one:

Feeling out process to start things as Marunde is weary of the reach of Magny. Marunde fires off with a leg kick and Magny is able to do damage. Magny lands his jab then cirles away to great effect before Marunde forces a takedown. The IFL veteran is unable to do damage from the awkward half-guard and Magny is able to battle his way back to the feet. Magny is active with the jab and throws a leg kick that almost allows the 30-year-old vet to score a takedown. Marunde changes levels and lands shots before Magny slips to the floor but is quick to return standing. Marunde is beginning to put things together landing shots and getting out of danger but Magny is soon to circle out of danger. The Torres MMA product throws a leg kick that almost gets him taken down again before Marunde seeks a takedown against the cage. We break free from the clinch for Marunde to floor him with a punch with seconds left on the clock, 10-9 Marunde.

Round two:

Marunde wastes no time pushing forward with strikes and nullifying the reach. Marunde stuns Magny with a punch but his teammate is able to get out of way to recover. Marunde gets in, changes levels and lands shots. Marunde gets hit with a shot coming in but his teammate is unable to capitalize before Magny throws a leg kick that is caught and is forced to the floor with a punch. Marunde fights for wrist control as he breaks free, postures up and lands shots. Magny pushes Marunde off and is looking to up-kick as Marunde wants to enter his guard again. Marunde dives down with a punch but we quickly get back to the feet in the clinch before Magny forces a takedown this time. Magny lands shots in half-guard before Marunde grabs a neck seeking a guillotine. Magny breaks free raining down with a holocaust of elbows before Marunde gets it back to the feet. Marunde pushes forward with a flurry and Magny attempts another takedown but the buzzer ends the round, 10-9 Magny.

  Neil Magny def. Bristol Marunde by Unanimous Decision (20-18, 20-18, 20-18)

We’re at the weigh-ins for Colton Smith and Igor Araujo. Igor has to strip down to make the weight but he gets there before Smith’s taunting gets the better of him in the stare down and eventually Shane Carwin  has to get between them.

It was bleeped out so I have no idea what was said from Colton but apparently Igor took this as an insult to his mother so he returned for round two but teammates jumped between them. War of words continue but eventually tempers cool as Roy Nelson thinks this is hilarious.

Colton Smith vs. Igor Araujo

Round one:

A fired up Araujo takes the centre of the cage, fires off some missed shots before initiating a battle for takedowns against the cage. Colton reverses things and gets it to the floor with Araujo postured back-first against the cage. Araujo forces Smith off him and up-kicks from his back but Smith manages to get back to the floor to play. Grabbing a neck and controlling the Greg Jackson-trained fighter he winds up in side control and lands elbows. The Brazilian looks to get back to the feet but Smith smothers the attempt and winds up in his guard again. Soon moving around to get the neck abandoning guard. Araujo is active from his back but it’s all defensive as Smith once again is in a deep half guard before Araujo gets back to the feet but Smith has his neck still as he lands a knee. Smith has him pressed against the cage, Araujo drops to the ground and Smith sweeps to get back to half-guard to land offence as the round closes, 10-9 Smith.

Round two:

Smith moves forward with a flurry but Araujo uses his leg kick to maintain distance. That doesn’t land long before Smith forces a takedown. Smith is never happy to maintain position so he fights for side control and lands elbows. Araujo turns to escape and give his back, the turtled Brazilian doesn’t land long there as Smith lands shots before he turns and Smith goes to work in side control again. The once beaten Team Nelson fighter smothers Araujo in side control before he turns turtled giving his back again. Smith tries for a guillotine but fails miserably, he stands upright looking to secure the choke but Araujo pulls guard or maybe just falls from exhaustion as Smith lands shots to close the fight, 10-9 Smith.

Colton Smith def. Igor Araujo by Unanimous Decision (20-18, 20-18, 20-18)

The beef seems to be squashed between the two as the Brazilian cries and apologizes to his family.

We preview next week which will once again feature two fights on the broadcast and the announcements on the semi-final fights.

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