UFC 154 St. Pierre vs. Condit – Cheap Seat Timeline

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Here at MMASucka we want to give you the best seat for tonight’s UFC 154: St. Pierre vs. Condit main card. Well sort of, we will be bringing you the best Tweets of the night. This will be a live on-going feature that will keep you on your toes. It’s bound to get a tad quirky at times so hold on.

With that we bring you “MMASucka’s UFC 154: St. Pierre vs. Condit – Cheap Seat Timeline.”

(All times are Eastern Daylight)


Here’s an early one to wet the whistle (and because I’m one of the few people who liked the movie “Vegas Vacation”):


8:27 – @MMAJunkieMatt – This is a fun Damm fight, isn’t it? Who you guys got winning this Damm thing?



Have fun Twitterverse. #UFC154 #CheapSeatTimeline


Here we go! Main card goodness!


9:59 – @Liverkickdotcom – I’m sure Rogan’s Lance Bass joke will be the highlight of the night.

10:02 – @BloodyElbow – “Martin Kampmann comes from behind more often than Lance Bass,” Joe Rogan.

10:08 –@allelbows – HOLY MOLY. It is loud. Louder than my earplugs can block.

10:13 – @saintlion – Camera Guy just TKO’ed himself tryin to keep up with Hominicks Entrance pace LOL

10:15 – @mauroranallo – How many people want Hominick to turn Garza’s “Lights” out based on entrance music alone?

10:18 –@JohnMcCarthyMMA – Okay, I keep getting asked aren’t punches 2 the back of the head illegal? Yes they are, you all know that already. The right thing was done

10:21 – @MiddleEasy – After that first round, Hominick’s head is about four months pregnant. Let’s hope we all get an invite to the baby shower by the third round

10:24 – @MattBrownMMA – Most awesome kick ever to not land? Pablo Garza breaking out Street Fighter shizzzz

10:31 – @pdlmma – Hate the regional promoter that’s going to promote Miguel Torres vs Mark Hominick four months from now.

10:32 – @mmasarah – Not a great idea to jump for rolling omoplata with 1 min left

10:33 – @benfowlkesmma – If Jack Dempsey were here, he’d recommend Hominick rub some tree sap on his face during training to toughen the skin.

 Pablo Garza defeats Mark Hominick by unanimous decision

10:42 – @AcidicLactor – The front of Bocek’s shirt reads “FEAR THE FIGHTER”, but the back doesn’t say “NOT THE CONSEQUENCES”. I don’t understand.

10:48 – @benfowlkesmma – Bocek’s strikes are like change-ups. So slow they look almost harder to avoid.

10:51 – @mmafighting – I was wondering when we were going to get our first groin strike. Impressed it took this long.

10:52 – @bloodyelbow – Some brutal face sitting action here.

10:54 – @jorge_conquistda – Bocek is starting to wither

10:59 – @wakafightermma – Dos Anjos is a physical specimen and too much for Bocek

11:03 – @MMAdamMartin – The fight going on in the crowd is much more entertaining than RDA/Bocek.

11:04 – @jeremybotter – Canadian Army dudes fighting in the stands. Yes. Fighting each other.

Rafael dos Anjos defeats Mark Bocek by unanimous decision

11:07 – @bloodyelbow – Tom Lawlor’s argyle sweater…even Fedor never wore an argyle sweater!

11:12 – @fightgeeksmma – “That boiling crock-pot of excellence.” Rogan

11:18 – @maggiehendricks – Lighten up, Francis.

11:24 – @james_brydon – This is not the type of fight I expected from Carmont. Now they’re clinching and the crowd is booing

11:24 –@ShowdownJoe – Something tells me we’ve officially seen the last of Mark Hominick 🙁 12 years of memories I will never forget.

11:30 – @DRJCBenjamin – I would describe this as more of an argument than a fight

11:32 – @TheSavageTruth – Thank goodness this is over. Bring on the meat and potatoes

Francis Carmont defeats Tom Lawlor by split decision

11:34 – @phillipenover – Bull shit call. Lawlor has that

11:34 – @TommyToeHold – Well, I think the obvious match up now is Carmont vs Anderson Silva.

11:35 @mmafighting – Lyoto Machida’s Movember stache > ALL

11:35 – @danawhite – Who cares! They both lost that fight.

11:42 – @deowade – Hendricks because beard.

11:48 – @MikeChiappetta – Kampmann just got Fitch’d.

11:48 – @TheSavageTruth – KO bonus off the table.

11:51 – @TommyToeHold – LMAO, he throat punched the fuck out of Kampmann on the ground.

Johny Hendricks defeats Martin Kampmann by KO

11:57 – @Redrum26 – Nick Diaz would have flipped Hendricks the bird after eating that punch


12:02 – @neilmdavidson – Tsunami of sound welcomes GSP.

12:06 – @meganolivi – GSP cartwheels = “hey look what I can do! My knee is fine!”

12:11 – @dukeroufus – Quebec blanket being applied to Condit. GNP for GSP

12:14 – @mauroranallo – First round: GSP via GNP (and a tribute to Mark Kerr (can opener) ).Condit is also cut over the right eye due to a left elbow strike.

12:15 – @mmahotstuff – I love blood and elbows to the head.

12:18 – @bloodyelbow – Meanwhile Anderson Silva is practicing saying “I was not impressed by your performance.”

12:22 – @bradtaschuk – That HK just won this FOTN.

12:22 – @mmaencyclopedia – I MAY have screamed like a girl

12:24 – @kb0m0 – Condit finally throws a nice combo, gets the knockdown. Coincidence?

12:27 – @GenoMrosko – Either St. Pierre is scared again and living in fear of getting finished or he knows he can take Condit’s best and keep going. I don’t know.

12:31 – @theotherjd – Joe Rogan is ONLY talking about Carlos Condit’s hip movement from bottom. This isn’t a white belt jiu-jitsu class. Shut the fuck up.

12:31 – @TommyToeHold – Hahaha, camera guy zoomed in to get Machida’s creepy stache out of the Silva shot.


12:39 – @UFC_Shanda – I’m sure American Red Cross can squeeze out a couple donations out of that mat in the octagon.

12:39 – @benaskren – Although I don’t particularly like him @johnyhendricks vs GSP looks like it could be an interesting fight. GSP won’t take him down!

GSP defeats Carlos Condit by unanimous decision

12:47 – @ULTMMA – Get Silva in the cage UFC ASAP!! What are you doing ? Why are you wasting this moment? You showed Silva watching the fight all of R5 lol

12:48 – @buenacerveza – The fight got a standing ovation at the strip club I’m at lol, what a main event!

12:49 – @frontrowbrian – Anderson should have walked into the cage. He wasn’t there to chill with Lyoto.

12:52 – @TheLionParker – Really proud of George. (Deep down I’m glad he got knocked down in 3rd, it shows the champion he is. He doesn’t get tested often) He passed!

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