The UFC purchases LA Boxing; will be converting to UFC Gyms

by • January 7, 2013 • News, UFCComments (0)

UFC President Dana White was a keynote speaker at Monday’s New Media Expo and he had several announcements for the fans.

Over the past couple of years the UFC has opened a series of UFC branded gyms.

During the keynote, White announced that the UFC Gym franchise had purchased the LA Boxing chain and that they would all be changed over to UFC Gyms.

“We just bought LA Boxing so all of those are going to be converted into UFC gyms”

The LA Boxing franchise began in 1992 in California and has since built itself up to a nationwide company, with over 80 gyms across the country.

“UFC gyms has been huge for us. It’s been an incredible, incredible business for us.”

That was the first of two announcements. The second was that the UFC would be putting out a line of headphones by by Monster which is the same company that brought us Beats by Dre.

Neither of the above announcements have dates in place for launch.



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