Jacare Souza taps Ed Herman in first round

by • January 12, 2013 • News, StrikeforceComments (0)

Renowned grappler Ronaldo “Jacare” Souza put his dominating jiu-jitsu on display, locking a kimura on UFC transplant Ed Herman and forcing the tap at 3:10 into round one.

The fight was all “Jacare” as soon as the Brazilian was able to take the fight to ground. Herman landed an illegal upkick which brought a warning from the referee, but a confusing restart on the feet.

It was all for naught as Souza landed his second impressive takedown of the fight and was able to quickly isolate the arm and grab the submission.

Both fighters will be in the UFC after tonight, but Souza’s impressive victory gives him a huge shot of momentum heading into the promotion.






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