Joseph Benavidez takes the judges nod against Ian McCall

by • February 2, 2013 • News, UFCComments (0)

Both men began the round throwing leg kicks and then locked up. Benavidez landed a groin shot, but McCall shook it off and fought on. McCall got rocked and about thirty seconds later gets his with a low blow. “Uncle Creepy” keeps getting hit, but laughed it off. A flurry to ended the first round.

Prior to the second round, McCall turned to the crowd to pump them up.

Round two’s pace is just as fast as the first, with both men trading. Benavidez is landed the cleaner of the shots from the outside with McCall landing on the inside. Benavidez attempted a takedown, but McCall sprawled and ended up on top. Benavidez made it back to the feet with thirty seconds left, but McCall has his back against the cage and grinded it out.

Benavidez landed a huge right to start the round, but McCall recovered. McCall landed a big takedown, but Benavidez got back to his feet.

In a very close fight Joseph Benavidez took hom the judges nod by unanimous decision.

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