Dan Henderson: I’m not going to wait around for a title shot

by • February 8, 2013 • News, UFCComments (0)

The legendary Dan Henderson talks about his UFC 157 fight with Lyoto Machida, and explains why he’ll just keep knocking people out until he gets his title shot.

“You’ve got to be comfortable out there and relaxed. And you’ve got to be confident in your game-plan and your style. Lyoto Machida has definitely evolved as a fighter, he’s a little more aggressive and he goes after guys a little more. I’m planning on just staying in his face and making him fight me and trying to take advantage of just touching him in his chin a little bit. Hopefully I can knock him out quickly, if not I’m going to control and beat him up for three rounds. I’m not going to wait around for a title shot. If the timings not right, i’ll fight somebody else that’s the top guy and I’ll knock them out. But I also feel like i’ll be the guy to beat.”

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