Ronda Rousey will not be making out with Lyoto Machida this weekend

The headline may not make much sense, but Ronda Rousey made it clear she will not be making out with the urine drinking Lyoto Machida.

UFC Women’s Bantamweight Champion Ronda Rousey was on today’s Jeff O’Neil morning show on Vancouver’s 99.3 The Fox Radio Station. She went over many things in the nine-plus minute interview, but one thing which had the hosts laughing was when she mentioned that Lyoto Machida drinks his own urine, so they won’t be making out this weekend.

Captain Scotty asked Rousey, “As a UFC Champion what’s your stance on drinking your own piss?”

Rousey’s answer was simple, “Uh… yeah, I’m totally against drinking my own piss.”

Jeff O’Neil followed up with, “Machida had mentioned before that he drank his own pee and he is on the bill this weekend.”

This is where the headline comes from… “That’s true and we’re probably not going to make out.”

Check out the entire interview on Jeff O’Neil’s SoundCloud page.





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