Machida gets past Henderson via Split Decision

A long feeling out process to start the opening round with nothing more than kicks being exchanged between the two. Midway through the first, Lyoto started to counter with punches and avoid the powerful shots that Hendrson was throwing. After clinching with 20 seconds to go in the frame, Machida landed a take down and ended round one on top landing punches.

While still trying to figure out Machida and land a punch, Machida was doing a masterful job of countering with good kicks and knees in the second round. Henderson didn’t make one rush in without getting hit with something from the “Dragon.” Round 2 ends with Machida landed frequently but not doing a lot of damage.

Machida picks up where he left off in round 2 to start off round 3. After a rush in and a counter kick by Machida, Henderson was able to hang on and take the “Dragon” down inside of the four minute mark. While in guard, Machida was able to minimize damage with Henderson on top before getting back up to the feet just under two minutes left in round 3. In the final minutes of the fight, Machida lands a couple of head kicks but they didn’t seem to phase the former Pride champion.

The fight goes to the judges score cards with a split decision of 29-28 for Lyoto Machida.


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