Georges St-Pierre beats Nick Diaz by Unanimous Decision in UFC 158 main event

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A takedown by Georges St-Pierre started round one. Diaz had full guard, but St-Pierre was able to take Diaz back in a turtle guard position. Diaz attempted to roll out of it on numerous occasions, but St-Pierre used his strength to control. Midway through round one, Diaz regained full guard. St-Pierre used his strength to his advantage for the entire round and controlled the top position from the get-go.

The second round looked like the two were going to stand and trade, but just thirty seconds in St-Pierre landed a strong double leg takedown. St-Pierre decided to scramble from the back position, but ended up back in Diaz’s guard. With one minute left, Diaz made his way back to his feet. St-Pierre landed a superman punch that caused Diaz to taunt him with thirty seconds left.

Round three starts with Diaz trash-talking. St-Pierre goes for a takedown and got stuffed, but only a couple seconds later he ended up landing one. Diaz got back to his feet from the turtle position. It looks like when Diaz wants to stop a takedown he will, as he stopped three this round. Diaz began to land numerous shots with just over a minute left in the round and seemed to hurt St-Pierre, but GSP ended up landing a takedown. The round finished with Diaz on his back and St-Pierre in his guard.

The two trade to start the round. St-Pierre attempted takedowns the first half of the round and were stuffed by Diaz. Midway through the fourth round Diaz walked around with his hands down and St-Pierre landed a takedown after looking at the clock. When Diaz got back to his feet, St-Pierre immediately took him back to the ground. With fifty seconds left St-Pierre looked at the clock again. Again, St-Pierre ends the round in top position.

The start of round three had both men trading on the feet for almost three minutes, but Diaz decided to go for an awkward head-kick that GSP tripped and ended up in top position. The two get back to the feet and almost instantly clinch. Diaz landed numerous knees, but with under a minute left St-Pierre landed a stiff takedown and lands some ground and pound to finish it.

St-Pierre and Diaz hug when the bell sounds.

Georges St-Pierre def. Nick Diaz by Unanimous Decision (50-45,50-45,50-45)


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