Braulio Estima had “a very disappointing experience” following Georges St-Pierre victory at UFC 158

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Brazilian Jiu Jitsu ace Braulio Estima is very disappointed at what occurred following Georges St-Pierre’s UFC 158 main event title fight. When St-Pierre won the fight, Estima went over to Diaz’s corner and attempted to shake their hands, but it didn’t go too well.

The ADCC world champion helped St-Pierre prepare for Diaz and was in his corner for the UFC 158 main event.

Along with the disrespectful handshake experience, Estima revealed that Kron Gracie also verbally attacked him.

Estima took to Facebook to break his silence.

‘Today it was amazing George did a great job, full control the whole fight. Unfortunately I got a very disappointing experience. After the fight went to shake hands with all the members from Nick Diaz, I wasn’t very welcomed by Diaz which I expected just wanted to give my respect for that fight as a martial artist. Even Dana came to straight after and said thanks for not pushing back. I replied I would never ruin my friends GSP night for that guy. But this wasn’t the bad news. The bad news was how rude Kron Gracie was towards me when I was being so respectful and never ever came in a tone of disrespect even when he won battle with my own brother. Always had a sincere admiration for him specially because we have hanged out many times together and he is the son of one of my idols Rickson Gracie. I got shocked today when he passed towards me after the post conference together with nick and Nate calling me names and stuff. Coming from Nick and Nate I can even understand and I don’t care but from Kron a guy that I considered a friend a BJJ representative together with me Calling me “mother fucker “and to “watch out to dont get my ass kicked out side” was a bit over the top. I just ignored as I’m having a blast tonight and he has been immature as many times in the past ….. In a fight we win we loose and many people uses a lot of talking to promote their fights but fights over we are in the same level as human being. Shame on that incident pretty dam shocked. I DON’T EVEN KNOW HOW TO EXPRESS AND HOW TO DEAL WITH THAT SHIT.’

Estima fought his lone MMA fight back at Titan Fighting Championships 24 where he defeated Chris Holland by arm-triangle. He was expected to take on Nick Diaz in a 2011 grappling match for charity, however Diaz failed to show up.

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