Video: Chael Sonnen says he can take Jon Jones down and run through him

UFC 159 headliner Chael Sonnen on why he deserves the title shot, how he plans to win, and why he’s not apologizing for a thing on the way.

“He’s never been in there with a gangster before He’s been in there with a bunch of little boys that were scared of him. I’m the best MMA wrestler in the world. I can take Jon Jones down anytime I want to. I’m a two-time National Champion, I got a silver medal from the World Championships – that says I can take Jon Jones down. He’s never had an experience like this; there’s a reason he said no the first time. I destoroyed Anderson; I ‘m gonna run through Jones.”


  1. Most likely this fight will end with a Jon Jones submission victory. Chael does, of course, have a wrestler’s chance. (lay-and-pray).


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