Video: Chael Sonnen says he can take Jon Jones down and run through him

by • March 27, 2013 • News, UFCComments (1)

UFC 159 headliner Chael Sonnen on why he deserves the title shot, how he plans to win, and why he’s not apologizing for a thing on the way.

“He’s never been in there with a gangster before He’s been in there with a bunch of little boys that were scared of him. I’m the best MMA wrestler in the world. I can take Jon Jones down anytime I want to. I’m a two-time National Champion, I got a silver medal from the World Championships – that says I can take Jon Jones down. He’s never had an experience like this; there’s a reason he said no the first time. I destoroyed Anderson; I ‘m gonna run through Jones.”

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  • thamolas

    Most likely this fight will end with a Jon Jones submission victory. Chael does, of course, have a wrestler’s chance. (lay-and-pray).