Jon Jones says Chael Sonnen has done steroids his whole career

by • April 16, 2013 • News, UFCComments (2)

According to UFC light heavyweight champion Jon Jones, Chael Sonnen has done steroids throughout his entire career.

On tonight’s episode of UFC Tonight on FUEL TV, Jones sat down for an interview with Kenny Florian and Dominick Cruz when he dished the headline worthy quote.

 “People know that Chael Sonnen has done steroids throughout his whole career and that’s probably why his testosterone is low now. I don’t think that is the heart or the attitude of a champion, so that’s what I meant when I said he lacks champion’s soul.”

Throughout Sonnen’s career he has claimed to be a user of Testosterone-Replacement-Therapy (TRT). It definitely sounds as if Jones believes “The Peoples Champ” is using the TRT to make up for the damage that steroids have done to his body.

Yesterday Jones tweeted out a similar allegation.

At UFC 159 Jones will get to tango with Sonnen in the main event for the light heavyweight title. The event will take place on April 27 from the Prudential Center in Newark, N.J..

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  • Lori

    I just want to say..Jon Jones your an awesome example f a leader…..Chael whats up with you , I use to get so mad at your mouth , and voted against you but now you act your age and you sound so much better than all the crap that just throws up from your mouth!!!!!! , no one cares, you only talk and Jones don’t worry its ever one he talks crap about , And Jones u are the champ and u act like one !! Thanks for That few really do!! if the day comes as you do get beat , don’t stop , get up and get that belt back ASAP!!!! God may test you sooner or later to be sure , that w doe not become you god so stay strong and do not lower your self WE LOVE U BONES Oh by the way Bubba Mc Daniel is my1/2 son from his father, I havnt seen hm in 20 yrs but you have helped save his life from what i hear Keep it up God will help Lori

  • Chael4President

    Bubba is a pussy, he was so scared to fight Hall, he should never be allowed to step into a octagon..