Jon Jones says he will “for sure” fight Anderson Silva

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This Saturday night at UFC 159 the UFC Light Heavyweight Champion Jon Jones will look to defend his title as he takes on the king of trash-talking Chael Sonnen.

Leading up to the fight, Sonnen has used his war of words to cause a bit of a stir, however Jones has kept his lips sealed. That is until today when he was on 99.3 The Fox’s Jeff O’Neil Show in Vancouver, Canada, he even sang a bit of Radio Head’s “Creep.”

Game-face in the interview at the TUF 17 Finale or was that “hate coming out”?

“It was weird, I was actually in a really good mood that night. Then I saw Chael and it all changed. I was like, ‘what is this feeling I’m feeling,’ and I just couldn’t snap out of it. I was like ready to punch him and I had realized how big he had gotten since I had saw him last. I knew I had gotten a lot bigger than he had saw me last and I was just trying to be macho and I couldn’t snap out of it and be charismatic for the interview. So I came across as a sour a**hole and I’m sorry.”

Say something nice about Chael.

“I think he has a hot mom.”

Did you ever think that Nike would make a pair of sneakers with your name on them?

“No, it was so surreal. I had a dream to be sponsored by Nike and it came true. When I had voiced it to my friends and mentors and everyone, everyone thought it was a little far fetched because we don’t wear shoes at all. Nike was a big one to go for and I stuck with it. I turned down shoe companies along the way, ended up working with K-Swiss and I was just never satisfied. It was always about working with Nike and it came to pass. It’s just a testament that if you seek something out, believe in it and pursue it, no matter how far fetched it’s possible.”

If you are better than Anderson Silva, how does Chael stand a chance against you?

“I respect him a lot, he’s really tough. I think he’s trying to soften me up and make me unfocused. I know he’s training really hard and I think he’s trying to speak soft and have a big schtick. I’m prepared for the big schtick, I know that sounds a little weird.”

Is your game-plan to knockout Chael Sonnen?

“I definitely want to end this fight in a devastating fashion. My kickboxing coach has been working on some pretty nasty tricks that we believe will fall right into Chael’s tendencies, landing on his chin of course knocking him out. My jiu-jitsu coach is actually having me work on some things that are pretty extensive. I am pretty confident that this fight is going to be stopped and Mike Goldberg is going to be saying ‘It’s all over.'”

More satisfying way to win, punching someones lights out for a knockout or stealing their soul by forcing them to tap out with a submission?

“Definitely getting a knockout, it’s something I haven’t done in the UFC yet. Before I was in the UFC I knocked out six people, maybe it was four, six sounds better we’ll go with six.”

What is the hardest rule to follow when you are in training camp leading up to a fight?

“The hardest rule is to not eat any bread at all, I haven’t had bread in quite some time. On my diet I eat all my carbs in the morning and any carbs that I eat after breakfast comes before my vegetables. That’s tough, it’s really tough especially when you’re training so many times in a day.”

Will there ever be a unification of belts when you fight Anderson Silva, the two best pound for pound fighters in the world?

“Is this interview live? Yeah definitely, there will be a time, there will come a time. One day, I said it first here. Normally I beat around the bush, but it’s going to happen for sure.”

A lot of Canada is happy about that, so GSP doesn’t have to fight Silva.

“Georges is awesome. I have a lot of love for Georges. He’s still winning and that’s all that matters. But his fights are starting to slow down a little bit. I’m not sure if that’s his age or what. He’s not that old, I just think it’s hard to stay on top for so long and be so dominant.”

Jon “Bones” Jones, do you drink your own pee?

“You know I haven’t tried it yet.”

Are you cut or uncut?

“Well first let me start by describing it. I am circumcised and beautiful and chocolatey.” 

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