Alexander Gustafsson adds to his ink, sends a message.


UFC light heavyweight contender Alexander Gustafsson has one tattoo on his right bicep that stands out: The rows of triangles, with one empty one. The triangles each represent a fight, with the filled in ones representing wins and the empty one representing a loss. Today, he posted a picture of his updated ink (shown above) with an explanation on the additions.

“Ok, finally done with the updates on my tattoos. The Jon “Bones” Jones fight and the Jimi Manuwa are filled in.

In my eyes, I won the fight again Jon Jones, but not in the judges eyes, so I filled it just half colored.

The next tattoo I will do will be filled in fully when I get the belt, this time I will not leave it in the hand of the judges.”

Gustafsson (16-2) will once again challenge UFC Light Heavyweight Champion Jon “Bones” Jones (20-1) in a rematch for the title at UFC 178 in Toronto, ON on September 27th. Stay tuned to for more on this and other MMA news.


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