MMA World Cup has finally arrived


MMA World Cup has finally arrived

The sport of MMA has grown into a worldwide phenomenon. The popularity is undeniable and the passion for the sport is seen across the globe. Now enters a new dawn of opportunity with The MMA World Cup.

Composed of 68 tournament bouts, The MMA World Cup will allow nations to prove they can produce world-class talent. National heroes will emerge, drawing the fervor of their respective nations. Spectators will follow the athletes’ rise and fall. Sixty-Four athletes will attempt to claim dominance of their respective division. Eight competitors will stand victorious at the end of the year-long journey through The MMA World Cup.

“It is an honor to be a part of this revolutionary endeavor in Mixed Martial Arts,” says COO of The MMA World Cup, Darren Owen.

“Over the past two decades MMA has evolved, and we must evolve with it. The timing is perfect to launch a true World Cup for this sport. This will be the biggest tournament in MMA’s history with events taking place around the globe. Our first of four quarterfinal events will take place in February with the Cup Finals held in December.”

The MMA World Cup provides the sport with a necessary echelon of skill and purity. New fans are treated to the level of integrity never before seen in MMA. Long time fans will experience the quality they come to expect from a worldwide organization. Each event will be a symbol of what MMA can and should be without organizational boundaries. Each tournament is a beacon to the world that The MMA World Cup is the pinnacle of combat sports.


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