Jeremy Brand – Owner/President

Jeremy Brand was born and raised in beautiful Vancouver British Columbia. Trained traditional Karate as a child, but moved on to play competitive hockey for the rest of his childhood. From a very young age was very interested in martial arts, embarrassed to say mostly because of movies, such as 3 Ninjas and The Karate Kid. He remembers the exact time and place when he first watched UFC 1. He was sitting in his buddies basement and when they ordered it on Canadian TV they both were super excited to watch it, from that point on he was hooked. In his early 20’s he began training Brazilian Jiu Jitsu at Gracie Barra Vancouver and is currently a 3 stripe Blue Belt. Along with doing interviews, articles and editing this website, Jeremy works for the Vancouver School Board with Special Needs children.

Twitter- @mmasucka

Mike Fagan – Featured Writer

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Twitter – @ItsMikeFagan

Jesse Schecker – Featured Writer

A freelance MMA, entertainment and business journo born, raised and residing in Miami, FL, Jesse Scheckner is a former semi-serious musician, cinephile and recovering ne’er-do-well who still believes Mickey Rourke’s finest performance in film has yet to come. He’s editor-in-chief and the 2014 MMA Media Correspondent winner at the Florida MMA Awards. Follow him on Twitter @JesseScheckner to talk about the stuff he writes about with him.

Twitter – @JesseScheckner

Roxanne Modafferi – Staff Writer

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Twitter – @Roxyfighter

Justin Pierrot – Writer/Stats Nerd

Justin Pierrot, like some of the other writers here, is a proud British Columbian, born and raised. As a child, he trained in Tae Kwan Do, stopping only after he moved to the Okanagan near the end of elementary school. Still, he retained a lifelong interest in martial arts. While he had seen the early UFCs, his real interest in MMA wasn’t sparked until his early 20s, when he was re-introduced to the UFC, and introduced to Pride FC by friends. Since then, he’s followed the sport with increasing depth, and enjoys a wide variety of promotions, and even running his own fight blog, “Stormland Fights” before joining MMASucka. Upon moving to Vancouver in his mid-20s, he began training in kickboxing and Brazilian Jiu Jitsu, eventually dropping kickboxing to focus on BJJ. He is currently a two-stripe white belt training at West Coast BJJ. When not writing, Justin works as an ice technician at an arena, driving the zamboni amongst other things.

Twitter – @stormlandbrand

Suraj Sukumar – Content Contributor

My love for MMA, writing, and journalism as a whole brought me to MMASucka in June 2013. Jeremy has been a great mentor while covering the sport, and MMASucka has been a great platform to unleash my thoughts on the fastest growing sport in the world. I had the great pleasure of covering UFC 165 live at the Air Canada Centre, and hope to get a few more live events under my belt in the future. I graduated from the University of Waterloo in 2012 with a B.A. in Political Science. but have pursued a life in sports journalism ever since. Time flies, and though life gets in the way, I am hoping to keep the readers coming with MMASucka. Stay tuned.

Twitter- @Sukumar_S87

Nick Baldwin – Content Contributor

My name is Nick Baldwin, I’m currently 15-years old. I was born and still reside in Winnipeg, Manitoba, Canada. I casually watched the Ultimate Fighting Championship (UFC) beginning in 2011, but got more into the sport and began writing about it, in early 2014. Other than watching MMA, I casually watch the Winnipeg Jets in the NHL. I enjoy chatting about MMA, so feel free to shoot me a tweet @NickUFC on Twitter.

Mike Skytte- Content Contributor

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Twitter – @MikeLovesTacosX

John Douglas – Content Contributor

A fledgling writer with a smooth kung fu grip.

Twitter – @DJJohnDouglas

Matt Parker – Content Contributor

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Kyle Salas – Content Contributor

I am a 20 year old college student with a passion for MMA media and write for MMASucka. It’s always nice to meet new MMA enthusiasts.

Twitter – @AwildKyle


Steve Lee – On scene reporter/Content Contributor

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Nelson Yeo – Photographer

Nelson Yeo, born and raised in Vancouver, BC, is just another hardcore fan that does not train in any martial arts. He was been a fan of MMA since the first UFC that he watched illegally with friends on his parents descrambler (the black box) and has been hooked ever since. MMASucka will be an outlet for him to express his feelings and opinions from fight analysis to general MMA talk. Nelson grew up playing competitive hockey and has then moved on to snowboarding and is highly involved in the Flatland BMX scene in Vancouver. He is also an amateur photographer who is learning as he’s going along with specialties in urban exploration, bmx, and MMA.

Twitter – @nelsyeo

Chris Toplack – Host of Talking Combat

Chris Toplack is a Sales/Media professional and former morning radio personality. After moving on from the radio broadcasting profession, Chris continued to work as a voice over artist while transitioning into the role of a Career Counsellor and later as a Sales Executive for a technology company.

Twitter – @christoplack