Jeremy Brand – Founder & President
T: @JeremyBrand604

Michael Kovacs – CEO & Partner
T: @LWOSworld

Ben Kerr – COO & Partner
T: @LastWordBKerr


Jason Burgos – Editor
T: @cheapseatschat

Suraj Sukumar – Editor
T: @Sukumar_S87

Nick Godin – Editor
T: @FlyingOrr

Senior Staff

Justin Pierrot
T: @Stormlandbrand

Mike Skytte
T: @MikeLovesTacosX


Barkev Sivazlian
T: @BarkevSivazlian

Dave Caplice
T: @DaveyCaplice

Davey Rudolph
T: @DaveyRudolph

Geoffrey Stanley
T: @jlstanley74

Ian Bain
T: @IanBainMMA

John Douglas
T: @DJJohnDouglas

Matt Creed
T: @mmattmma

Nick Baldwin
T: @NickUFC

Nick Godin
T: @FlyingOrr

Dr. Paulie “Gloves” Gavoni and Dr. Alex Edmonds
T: @PaulieGloves 

Phil Daru
T: @PhilBamBamDaru

Roxanne Modafferi
T: @Roxyfighter

Steve Jeffery
T: @stevejeffery

Wesley Riddle
T: @AllThatMMA


Doug Hazard – CTO
T: @BearlyDoug

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