JP Lasaleta


JP Lasaleta is a life long martial artist.  The Teenaged Mutant Ninja Turtles sparked his interest for the Martial Arts.  Jackie Chan and Van Damme solidified it.   He has been studying the Filipino Martial Arts (Arnis/Kali weapons and empty hand) since the age of 8.  He wrestled through out junior high and high school and coached for a few years after. Since then, he dabbled in almost any Martial Art he could get his hands on whether it would be traditional, reality or sport based.


JP is the epitome of a Mixed Martial Arts fan boy. He loves the sport.  He eats, sleeps and tweets MMA. When the UFC is in Vancouver, you will find him camped outside the fighter’s hotel waiting to get a picture with and autograph from his favorite fighters.  2010 World MMA reporter of the year, Ariel Helwani and JP Lasaleta are on a first name basis, as JP attempts often to match MMA wits with the highly touted reporter.  Ariel has even interviewed him for AOL Fanhouse rocking a vintage Fedor Tee from the Pride days ( @1:33).