Justin Pierrot

Writer/Stats nerd

Justin Pierrot, like some of the other writers here, is a proud British Columbian, born and raised. As a child, he trained in Tae Kwan Do, stopping only after he moved to the Okanagan near the end of elementary school. Still, he retained a lifelong interest in martial arts. While he had seen the early UFCs, his real interest in MMA wasn’t sparked until his early 20s, when he was re-introduced to the UFC, and introduced to Pride FC by friends. Since then, he’s followed the sport with increasing depth, and enjoys a wide variety of promotions, and even running his own fight blog, “Stormland Fights” before joining MMASucka. Upon moving to Vancouver in his mid-20s, he began training in kickboxing and Brazilian Jiu Jitsu, eventually dropping kickboxing to focus on BJJ. He is currently a two-stripe white belt training at West Coast BJJ. When not writing, Justin works as an ice technician at an arena, driving the zamboni amongst other things.

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