Trevor Dueck

Corner Man/Co-host of Fatlip Radio/24hrs Vancouver MMA Columnist/Marketing Director/Royal Pain in the Ass!


Trevor Dueck was born in a manger because there was no room in the inn in Saskatoon, Saskatchewan. Unlike other staff members at MMA Sucka, Trevor has a very diverse background in martial arts. When he was eight years old, he watched the Karate Kid, and practiced the Crane kick in his bedroom. He vowed to never use such a move on his enemies. After reading countless martial arts books with pictures, Trevor became a full fledge Ninja and moved to Vancouver, British Columbia. He remembers watching UFC 1 on VHS in his best friend’s basement and new that it was his destiny. He knew that one day his back yard brawls with the neighborhood kids would eventually lead him to the UFC. Unfortunately there was no such thing as You Tube, and so nobody ever really discovered the back yard brawler. Years went by, one Jean Claude Van Damme movie at a time. Trevor realized that he would become a monk and not let anyone know that he possessed the way of the Ninja. He decided to go to college, get married, have a beautiful daughter, and become the suburban assassin. Now he also writes a weekly MMA Column for the 24hrs Vancouver and writes occasional pieces (Corner Man) for MMASucka.  He carries Ed Garcia and Damon Holowchak as Supreme “Co-host” of Fatlip Radio.  If you need to hire an assassin, please contact Trevor Dueck…Suburban Ninja.

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