Road to the Pro’s: Micah Brakefield #4

Well, It’s one week away from Battlefield Fight League 9: Quest for Gold. Our training camp pretty much wrapped up on Sunday with a great class led by Shawn Albrecht and Josh Bohnen.  During a training camp it is typical to feel beat up and battered. Two weeks ago I felt like my body wasn’t going to be able to make it to this point, but after a few days off in my favourite place in the world, Vancouver Island I feel invincible. All the West Coast guys also look ready to go. I am so excited to watch my teammates fight. Dave Kennedy is going to blow people away, he is a 155er with the strength of a 205er and if anyone wants to test his jits thinking he is only a blue belt I wouldn’t suggest it.

I have taken the week off work so I can relax and prepare for the fight. Some people may look at that statement and think isn’t he lucky to be able to take a week off work, but in all reality it is simply because I am willing to give up a lot of things in order to concentrate on fighting.  My phone has been shut off for almost 3 months now, I have just caught up on rent from the last few months, and scraping together a meal at times is tough.   My parents look at the way I live and I can tell they worry about the fact that I never know where my next cheque is coming from or how I am going to afford to eat. But im happy, I love sports and my life would be incomplete without them. As long as my body will allow me to compete I will continue to do so without feeling like im missing out on being able to afford some of the things that others have.

The amateur MMA scene in the lower mainland is constantly growing, Quest for Glory just had their second show on July 8th and there were some good fights. But in my opinion Battlefield Fight League has the best fighters and the best run promotion. Fighting guys like Matt Dwyer and Jer Kornelsen at the amateur level make me feel confident that when I go pro I will be ready. Justin Lansing to me is really my last test at the amateur level. If I win I will defend the belt once because Battlefield wants me too, but If Jessie Bird beats Jer Kornelsen I wont be fighting my teammate. If Jer wins I see no point in fighting him again for free. Don’t get me wrong, I understand it was a good close fight (at Battlefield Fight League 8) and it makes sense for us to fight again but the whole point of fighting amateur is to gain experience for pro and I don’t think that fighting the same guy is going to be a new experience. I would  however like to fight Matt Dwyer again, but when I go pro and at 185lbs.

So for this week I will be relaxing and hanging out. Today might be one of my last days getting to eat a big meal, so I will be going to Reflex on Kingsway and eat their chipotle chicken and rice plate with a fruit shake. If you’re ever by Metrotown (in Burnaby ,Canada) I highly suggest you go there and grab a quick bite instead of eating something greasy at the food court.

Thank you to the rest of my sponsors Tapout CanadaDominant GroundPassion SportsFine Arts Bartending in VictoriaKlench Custom Mouthguards, and Kombat Nation. I hope you can make it out to watch an amazing night of fights, but if you cant check out ChekTV 6 at 8pm and watch BFL8 and you will see some great fights and highlights including my suplex, and the head kick two fights later by Jacen Brooks. Plus Jessie Taylor’s biggest career win over Dennis Kang.


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