Report: UFC Coming To Fox In 2012


It is looking like the fans will finally get the wish of seeing the UFC on broadcast television.

According to reports from the Sports Business Journal, the UFC and Fox have agreed to a multi-year deal that would include up to four events a year on Fox networks, which includes Fight Nights and The Ultimate Fighter on FX. The deal is reportedly worth $90 million a year and the deal is up to seven or eight years.

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The deals that the UFC currently have with Spike and Versus run out at the end of 2011 and more than likely marks the end of an era with both networks as Spike gave the UFC there first opportuntiy with The Ultimate Fighter and various Fight Night and overseas PPV events. With Versus, Zuffa agreed to a deal with them to originally air the WEC events and then they merged with the UFC, they started airing UFC shows last year.

This could be start of the UFC getting full mainstream acceptance as they are now on a major broadcasting network. We could look at this day in the future as being one of the most monumental days in the sport if this deal is done correctly and the right fights are aired on the network.

UFC Officials have declined to comment

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