Carlos Condit Would Rather Fight Nick Diaz Over Georges St-Pierre

In just over two months time Nick Diaz will be taking on Georges St-Pierre for his UFC Welterweight Championship. In the co-main event on October 29 will be Carlos Condit vs BJ Penn for the possible number one contender in the division. If Condit comes out on top he told that he would much rather take on Nick Diaz than face his teammate St-Pierre.

“Georges St-Pierre is part of Jackson’s camp so I don’t want to see him lose his title. But, on the other hand, I would rather fight Diaz for a couple different reasons. Mainly the fact that he’s not a team mate of mine so I’d like to bypass that whole… you know, any complications that would arise and also I’ve wanted to fight Diaz for a really long time. I think a fight between Diaz would be a very entertaining fight for the fans.”

Who would you rather see him fight? Nick Diaz or GSP?


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