Barnett Feels Winner Of GP Should Be Heavyweight Champion And Best HW In The World

josh barnett

When the name Josh Barnett comes up, people think of the fact that he is a former UFC Heavyweight Champion, he tested positive for PED’s three times and in some people’s opinion caused Affliction to fold after he tested positive for the third time. Which in turn caused his bout with Fedor Emelianenko to be cancelled. What you can’t deny is that he brings news and hype surrounding his fights. This next fight is no different as he will be facing Sergei Kharitonov at Strikeforce: Barnett vs Kharitonov in the semifinals of the Strikeforce Heavyweight Grand Prix next Saturday.

Alistair Overeem was the Strikeforce Heavyweight Champion heading into the Grand Prix and he was supposed to fight on this card. However, he had to bow out of the tournament due to a variety of issues. One of those was that he was injured with different ailments. In turn he ended up getting cut from Strikeforce and now Strikeforce is without a champion. A lot people feel that the Grand Prix has now diminished because Overeem is no longer in the tournament, but Barnett disagrees with that.

It isn’t Alistair Overeem, its plain and simple, but it doesn’t mean that this tournament doesn’t have significance and I think its going to make a big impact still in the heavyweight rankings worldwide

People were stunned to see Barnett do a pro wrestling match and promo during the open workouts before his fight with Brett Rogers in June. Barnett offers his explanantion on the incident.

Open workouts are boring and I walked in there and everybody looked bored as can be, I say three-quarters of the people I had already talked to two days prior at the press conference, so really what more can I say? So, I was thinking before I got there, I am gunna have fun with this anyway and what’s the point of going out there and punching on some mitts. So, I concoted this scheme and said to my training partner, we are just to do a match right there and I am just gunna cut a promo and leave and say what I gotta say and be done with it.

When the Grand Prix was announced, people were saying that the winner could make a claim to being the best heavyweight in the world and Barnett agrees with those people.

Yeah I do. I think depending on how this all turns out, its not a real stretch to say that. I know its going to happen and I know it wasn’t going to happen no matter what at anypoint anyways

When the situation with Overeem arose, it was widely assumed that the winner of the finals would become the new Strikeforce Heavyweight Champion. Strikeforce CEO Scott Coker has said recently that a decision has not been made yet. Barnett feels that the winner should be the champion.

I hope so. I hope the belt gets put on the line, since its vacant right now for the championship. Why not? We should crown a new champion right now since our champion is no longer in the company, regardless of what the circumstances are

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