Malki Kawa Responds To Rampage Spy Accusations


Jon Jones’ manager, Malki Kawa has responded to Quinton “Rampage” Jackson’s allegation of the camp spying on his training camp.

Kawa spoke with and claims that Rampage’s accusations are nothing more than a ploy to distract the champion.

As an agent and manager, I often receive phone calls and e-mails with tips from reporters, fans, friends and even business colleagues throughout the MMA world. I have never placed a spy in any camp or hired someone to spy on a camp, nor have I ever proactively inquired about information from any camp. As is the case with any agent or manager, I do receive information on a regular basis that is the result of a tight-knit MMA community where everybody knows everybody. I am sorry that Mr. Jackson feels that he has someone in his camp that is calling other people with sensitive information within his camp. He is unwilling to state who this “spy” is but is more than happy to attempt to damage other reputations in his wake. This leads me to believe that Mr. Jackson is simply looking for a way to create a distraction or create more pre-fight hype. Mr. Jackson has made accusations of cheating against multiple fighters throughout his career, none of which has ever been remotely close to being proven true. This case is no different.

While Kawa states he receives phone calls and what not, Rampage responded as well…

Come on,” he said. “Think about it. If that was on Twitter, that would have been big news. Me pulling out of the fight with Jon Jones? That would have been big news already. So you can just tell that he’s lying, he’s full of s—, and he’s dumb.”

What are your thoughts? Is the camp spying on Rampage?

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