Fans Response to Nick Diaz is Unfair


We don’t know the facts so to judge someone like Nick Diaz right off the hop, like so many have done, is wrong. As of right now the UFC is not saying much. All we know as fans is that Nick Diaz no showed two large press conferences to promote his fight with GSP at UFC 137 on October 29th. The reasons? Time will only tell. Caesar Gracie stated today that Nick is not a fan of press and media before a fight and that he deals with a disorder. We have seen Nick Diaz pull stunts like this before but not to this degree.

Fans Response to Nick Diaz is Unfair

Right now I don’t believe anything that is coming out of Dana White’s mouth. This smells like damage control that was well planned out in advance. I mean they had the Carlos Condit vs. GSP promo video ready to go at the presser. I am not going to jump to speculation nor am I going to Judge Nick Diaz. What we have here is something brewing behind the scenes that we may not get answers to immediately. Conspiracy theory? Possibly. Right now I can’t come up with anything.

To be honest the UFC is very good at making news sound last minute. I have a feeling they had Carlos Condit on notice from day one. This is huge PPV money that the UFC doesn’t want to lose out on. Also when GSP fights in Vegas, the arena is 75% Canadian and sold out. There was no way that they were going to let Nick Diaz screw this up. With the unpredictability and known Marijuana use I’m very sure that the UFC had a backup plan, just in case he failed a drug test or played the disappearing act like allegedly what happened this week.

What we could be witnessing is a complete melt down from a very troubled athlete who has major inner demons he is working out. Remember Karo Parisyan? Same sort of deal, and let’s hope that there is help for people who have troubles controlling their thoughts and emotions.

The words Social anxiety has been thrown around. What people don’t get is that anxiety like that is a symptom of something else.  All you have to do is watch the video that Ariel Helwani did with Nick after his fight with Paul Daley to see that there are some screws loose in the head of Nick Diaz. Look at how paranoid and angry he looks when talks about his fight that he won!  However, when asked about his triathlon he lights up. You can see it.  Yes this interview was done right after his fight with Daley but this hasn’t been the first time that Diaz comes off as paranoid and angry for no reason. What many have blown off as just a facade that Diaz puts on, could be far more than just a bad boy persona he plays for the camera. It could be something that goes a lot deeper.

Before we start calling Diaz a pussy let’s make sure that the dude is safe and we hear his side of the story. To me this whole things smells funny and I have a feeling that we are only seeing the beginning of what I really hope isn’t a tragic tale.

I don’t want to say that Nick Diaz deals with depression, but if you connect the dots over the years, it’s hard to ignore the evidence that it is the underlining problem. This is coming from someone who deals with the disease on a daily basis. Unfortunately a lot of “tough” guys and proud men and women try and hide it, thinking they can deal with it on their own. It usually doesn’t end well. They feel they don’t need to talk about it. Again I’m not saying that Nick Diaz has this problem. What I am saying is anxiety is a symptom of deep rooted depression.

All you have to do is look at the NHL with the suicide deaths of Wade Belak and Rick Rypien over the Summer to understand that even an athlete who is has made it to the “Big Show” can appear to have his shit together and the next day be gone. Let’s hope that Nick shows his head and then gets it fixed.

This is not the actions of a sane person and the UFC has to be careful in how they tread and “we” the fans need to lay off, especially when we don’t know all the particulars of what Nick Diaz is dealing with.

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  • guest says:

    When someone is given a golden ticket as Diaz was and tosses it away it pisses off the everyday working stiff that buys the PPV, tickets, and merch. I cannot decide to break my contract of employement, and if I am having health/medical issued I am expected to call into work and make arrangements to deal with it and I get paid a hell of a lot less than he would stand to make in the fight, and in the future as champ if he could get past GSP.

    By no-showing and disrespecting his bosses by not calling and giving them a heads up he is the author of his own demise in this case. If he was unwell and not up to doing pressers or other press related activities he should have either asked for an amendment to the contract to avoid these issues or not take the fight.

  • guest says:

    no doubt nick has social anxiety and can use professional help.  but in the end, he flaked and it’s as simple as that.  he’s the kanye west of mma.

  • Guest says:

    F u where did you get your medical degree to make diagnosis?

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