Nick Diaz Apologizes: Sorry He Didn’t Make The “Beauty Pageant”


Dana White had no other option than to pull Nick Diaz from his championship fight with Georges St-Pierre at UFC 137 when he decided not to show up for the press tour. His replacement was none other than Carlos Condit. The fans immediate reaction was very negative towards Nick not showing up, but from this video that Nick released yesterday you can see that they should not be judging too soon.

Diaz’s coach Cesar Gracie said he suffers from a social anxiety disorder.

He has no trouble fighting in the cage, though. … He doesn’t feel comfortable being around people. He has a very deep ingrained social anxiety, and it’s something he probably needs help for, I think. I think that’s why he self-medicates himself with the marijuana. That’s my amateur opinion. He did the same crap with Paul Daley and a couple other guys. It was the same Nick Diaz. It’s not the pressure of fighting GSP. It’s the pressure of doing a news conference before the fight. Fighting is no pressure because he gets to beat someone up or get beat up.

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