Vitor Belfort: Who’s Sonnen? He never done anything

Vitor Belfort has been fighting in MMA professionally since 1996. During the years he has had his fair share of rivalries, but recently Chael Sonnen has opened up a can of worms and Vitor is not too happy about it. Belfort last fought at UFC 133 and came up with Knockout of the Night honors against Yoshihiro Akiyama.

Vitor recently spoke with about Chael Sonnen and how he has completely disrespected Brazil. Sonnen will be taking on Brian Stann at UFC 136 and if he gets through him, i’m sure Vitor would like to take him on at a later date.

I do want (to fight him), I’d really love to fight him, even more because of the crap he’s talked about Brazil. Actually I don’t want to give him this type of attention, I don’t know why everybody keeps paying attention to what this guy says. His time will come, and when it comes, brother, it’s just do the job the way I’d do against any other opponent. Who’s Sonnen? He never done anything, his fights never sells, he doesn’t knock anybody out, he just brings the trash talk show. If he wants to talk, go do another thing.

Is this a fight that you Sucka’s would like to see? I could see this as a pretty good UFC on Fox fight!


  1. ‘Who’s Sonnen? He never done anything, his fights never sells.’ Yay for Vitor being stupid in the media again. When was the last time Vitor had a fight againt a top 10 middleweight? Was it Anderson who knocked him out with a front kick in the face after they danced for 2 minutes? When was the last time he broke 1 million PPV buys? Oh, and we can’t forget the time Vitor called Chael out, only to run with his tail between his legs when Chael said yes


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