Freddy Assuncao Looking To Follow The Succes Of His Brothers


In the world of MMA there have been tendencies in where brothers have fought in MMA. You have the Diaz’s, the Penn’s, the Gracie’s and much more. But, never have three brothers fought at the same time in MMA until now. You have the Assuncao brothers: Junior, Rapheal and now Freddy.

Freddy Assuncao (4-1 MMA) will be fighting Baz Cunningham (6-2 MMA) on Friday night for Aggression MMA VIII: Unfinished Business in Edmonton, Alberta. What made Freddy follow in the footsteps of his brothers who are MMA veterans and have fought in the UFC?

“We always thought about it, it would be a great way to market ourselves since their are not many brothers out there that fight that come from the same background,” Assuncao said to us. “It was a no brainer for me to start fighting. It runs in the family, runs in our blood.”

Their is always a natural friendly rivarly among them and Assuncao tells us who he thinks is the better of the three.

“I say Raphael and Junior are the best, Junior says I’m the best. Raphael is funny and he probably says he’s the best,” says Assuncao.

Assuncao has been fighting since October of 2009, but has only had five fights.

“I knew it was going to be superhard for me to get fights because people expect a lot of me because of my brothers,” says Assuncao. “It’s always been hard for me to get fights because guys research the name and they read stuff about Junior and Raphael. They say no way, I’m not going to fight that guy because they think I have as much experience as Junior and Raphael which I don’t. I work twice as hard as I have because I have to keep up with my brothers and training partners here, so it has definitely benefitted me.”

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