Battlefield Fight League 11 Official Weigh-In Results

Battlefield Fight League is putting on their 11th show on Saturday, September 17 at the Vogue Theatre in Vancouver, BC, Canada. The main event in this fight features MMASucka’s own Road to the Pro’s blogger Micah Brakefield in a very tough test against Adam Santos. Santos poses a very big threat as he outweighs Brakefield considerably.

Adam Santos(236 LBS) vs. Micah Brakefield(210 LBS)
Ash Mashreghi(185 LBS) vs. Kolten Higginbottom(187 LBS)
Andre Silva(154 LBS) vs. Shawn Pallan(163 LBS)
Levon Kinley(156 LBS) vs.  Dillan Brown(155 LBS)
Jeremy Peever(170 LBS) vs. Josh Lewis(171 LBS)
Andy Marinos(156.5 LBS) vs. Brandon Takahara(155.25 LBS)
Steven Best(143 LBS) vs. Alex Green(142.25 LBS)
Sean Roche(160 LBS) vs. Jason Noble(159 LBS)
Lupine Wills(176 LBS)  vs. Curtis Harriot(173 LBS)
Ryan Moase(145 LBS) vs. Zach Koch(145.75 LBS)
Tony Nguyen(130 LBS) vs. Terrence Chan(131 LBS)


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