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Better late than never eh. We are missing two of our staff members, Trevor Dueck and Damon Holowchak, but hey they still have until the end of the prelims tomorrow. With our rankings updated Carlin is in the lead with Steve only 2 points behind. This cards fight picks total points is only 20 because there are only 4 fights on the main card. Remember 1 point for the winner, 1 point for the how, 1 point for the round, and a bonus point if you get them all correct. If you think you have what it takes to beat the staff then submit your picks below in the comment section or on our Facebook page for your chance to win a sick t-shirt from Dominant Ground.

Rankings after 2 rounds

Possible Points – 36pts

Carlin Bardsley – 13pts

Steve Muehlhausen – 11pts

Trevor Dueck – 10pts

Damon Holowchak – 9pts

Jeremy Brand – 9pts

Ed Garcia – 9pts

JP Lasaleta – 8pts

Lea Young – 7pts

Jake Shields vs Jake Ellenberger

Jeremy Brand – Jake vs Jake, who takes it? This one is a toss-up for me, as both men have great wrestling and average stand up. I see this going one of two ways, Shields taking Ellenberger down and grinding it out or Ellenberger taking Shields down and grinding him out. I see Ellenberger doing this is due to the emotional mess that Shields must be in since he lost his father just a few weeks ago. Jake Ellenberger by DecisionJP Lasaleta – Ellenberger will keep this fight standing with his superior wrastlin’ and eventually catch Shields with a big shot to put him on the floor followed by a flurry of GnP till the ref stops the fight. Jake Ellenberger by 2nd round TKOEd Garcia – Jake Shields fighting a supposedly better wrestling with big-time knockout power. Hmmm… I feel like we did this story line already. Let’s be honest, If Hendo couldn’t knock out Shields, Ellenberger sure ain’t. And Ellenberger’s also a badass wrestler blah blah blah… He’s not gonna wanna go to the ground with Jake. I think Shields is gonna grind this one out for dad. Jake Shields by DecisionCarlin Bardsley – Shields is coming in motivated after the death of his father and his underwhelming performance against GSP. Shields will be ale to control the pace and come out with a decision victory. Shields by DecisionSteve Muehlhausen – Last saw Shields in a title loss to Georges St.Pierre at UFC 129 and Ellenberger defeated Sean Pierson at UFC 129. How will Shields be able to cope with the loss of his father a few weeks. A big fight for Ellenberger as with a win he catapults himself within range of a title shot. Shields will use the loss of his father and get the fight to the ground and grind out the victory. Shields by DecisionLea Young – Although Shields is dealing with the loss of his father, I believe that he will find the motivation to win. He is not the most exciting fighter to me, so I don’t expect any fancy finishes. Shields by Decision

Court McGee vs Dongi Yang

Jeremy Brand – Court McGee has a great beard, but that isn’t the only thing that is great about McGee. He was not my pick to win TUF, but when he did he proved he belonged. McGee has had injury problems, but this fight will show that he does still belong in the cage and he will be able to figure out the pace of Yang to finish this fight. Court McGee by 2nd round Submission

JP Lasaleta – “The Ox” will nullify the onslaught of McGee’s grinding pace with his own. I don’t expect a finish as both of these guys are tough to finish.  Dongi Yang by Decision

Ed Garcia – I never really know how to feel about Court McGee. Dude just keeps winning and I just can’t get on board, maybe cause his name’s Court. Anyway, Yang had a bit of a stumble in his UFC debut ageist Chis Camozzi but got back on track in March against Rob Kimmons and I think he’ll keep it going against the former TUF winner. Dongi Yang by 2nd round TKO

Carlin Bardsley – Court will be able to get Yang’s timing down and use that to take to the fight to the ground where he can pound Yang out. Court McGee by round 2 TKO

Steve Muehlhausen – We havent seen the Season 11 winner of TUF since he defeated Ryan Jensen at UFC 121 last October when he suffered a knee injury. And Yang we last saw with his victory in March over Rob Kimmons at UFC on Versus 3 card. The key will be if McGee can get this fight to the ground but Yang will be to control the standup and that will be too much for McGee. Dongi Yang by Decision

Lea Young – If McGee can’t get it to the ground in the first round, I expect Yang to capitalize on his standup and finish McGee in rd 2. Dongi Yang by round 2 TKO

Jonathan Brookins vs Erik Koch

Jeremy Brand – Erik Koch will have a bit of a step up in competition against Jonathan Brookins, but this won’t phase him. Both are flashy fighters, but we saw Brookins keep his chin out just a tad too much in the TUF: Team GSP vs Team Koscheck Finale against Michael Johnson. This plays right into Koch’s game. Erik Koch by 3rd round TKO

JP Lasaleta – This is my fight of the night pick as both fighters bring an exciting set of offensive skills to the table. It’s a hard fight to pick because both guys are tough to finish so I’ll take Brookins via flip of the coin. Jonathan Brookins by Decision

Ed Garcia – I like Erik Koch. We had him on the show once. He’s a good kid. He’s gonna have a great future in the sport. Jonathan Brookins is gonna choke him out, though.  Jonathan Brookins by round 1 Submission

Carlin Bardsley – Like Mr. Lasaleta, I’m expecting this to be fight of the night. I like Brookins a lot, but Koch will have learned his lessons from his loss to Chad Mendes and be able to avoid the takedown, and boxing up Brookins on the feet. Erik Koch by Decision

Steve Muehlhausen – We havent seen Brookins since he won Season 12 of TUf after being out with a variety of injuries and havent seen Koch since he beat Raphael Assuncao at UFC 128. This is my Fight of the Night as this will be a back and forth battle with Brookins as his standup will prove to be a tough matchup for Koch. Jonathan Brookins by Decision

Lea Young – I agree with JP, as this will be the fight of the night and that both guys are tough to finish.  Jonathan Brookins by Decision

Alan Belcher vs Jason MacDonald

Jeremy Brand – This will be a tough test for Jason MacDonald as Belcher is on a 2 fight win streak against 2 tough opponents. The problem though is that Belcher has not fought since May 8, 2010. Will he show serious ring rust or will the layoff benefit Belcher?  I feel the rust will show. Jason MacDonald by 3rd round Submission

JP Lasaleta – Belcher is 3-1 against Canada’s best, but I have to still go with the Athlete as Belcher is coming off a long layoff due to injury. Jason MacDonald by 2nd round Submission

Ed Garcia – It’s unbelievable that Alan Belcher is competing after what he’s gone through with his eye, but ring rust is a very real thing especially when your in there with someone a dangerous as “The Athlete” (OK, I know is nickname doesn’t scream danger but we can’t all be called “The Axe Murderer”). I think J-Mac’ll catch him with something in the third. Jason MacDonald by 3rd round submission

Carlin Bardsley – As much it pains me to say, Belcher will be able to keep J-Mac’s takedowns at bay and be able to wear him out on the feet. Alan Belcher round 3 TKO

Steve Muehlhausen – Belcher is going to have to finish this fight early as he hasnt fought almost 16 months and I see that happening as he overwhelms McDonald wins by early stoppage. Alan Belcher by 1st round TKO

Lea Young – Although Belcher is returning off an injury, I still think he will dominate MacDonald. Alan Belcher by round 2 TKO




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