Anthony Johnson: He (Vitor) Can’t Do Nothing That I Can’t Do


Anthony Johnson spoke with about his upcoming  fight against Vitor Belfort at UFC 142 in Brazil. Johnson who has fought at welterweight for his entire career was always said to be over sized and will make his debut at middleweight for this fight. He did make mention that welterweight is his home, however a victory over Belfort shows that he could be a threat at both weight classes.

I feel just fine about the matchup. He can’t do nothing that I can’t do. Anything he thinks he can do, I think I can do better. I think it’s a pretty even matchup. He’s fast, I’m fast. He’s powerful, I’m powerful. It’s going to be a fight that really determines who’s the man at the end of the day. Either one of us can get dropped, so it’s going to see who has the most heart. … All I know is I’m going to win. – Transcription thanks to

Will Johnson prevail against Belfort and be a two division threat? Will he be able to KO him or just lay and pray? Let us know Sucka’s

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