Clay Guida: I’m More Confident About This Fight Than I Was For My Last

If you are like many fans you really wish the UFC would have shown at least one more fight on the debut of UFC on Fox this Saturday evening. I myself, would have loved to see Clay Guida vs. Ben Henderson live in HD on my big screen TV. Earlier this week Clay Guida sat down with the beautiful Karyn Bryant of MMAHeat to discuss his upcoming fight. During the interview he speaks about the strengths that Henderson possesses, however he does admit to feeling much more confident for this fight than his last fight against Anthony Pettis, as well as his UFC debut.

I feel great. I’m more confident about this fight than I was for my last and than I was for my UFC debut five-years ago. All signs are pointing towards a win. With every camp you become more confident in your skillset, your coaching, your teammates and things like that. … Ben brings a very high pace, his clinch is very good. We’ve been working on a lot of clinch defense and our own offense from there too. His ground and pound is second to none, you see he’ll stand over a guy and just rain down punches and elbows. Look what he did to Jim Miller. He defended a half dozen submissions too. His pace is – second to me, I guess you could say. And just a very well-spoken young-man, very respectful for the sport. – transcription thanks to



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