The T.U.F. Morning After: Season 14, Episode 8


With only one fight on this episode that lasted all of 1:49 in the first round,  the pranks took center stage.

As with every season, we see that with no TV, internet, or contact with the outside world makes a house full of fighters become too familiar with each other and with that familiarity brings contempt.  Minor quirks that may seem mundane become a reason to pull a prank.  For Akira Corassani, Bryan Caraway’s pretty boy style was getting on his nerves.  Akira says he was spending way too much time fixing his hair.  As a result,  Akira decides to take a chunk of hair out the front of Caraway’s head with a set of clippers while Caraway was sleeping.  Caraway was not happy about this at all, and it prompted him and his roommates to barricade their door with furniture every night when they went to sleep.

Up next was the best prank of the season, if not the best prank of TUF history.  The prank was conjured up by team Bisping coach Tiki Ghosen.  As the whole Team Mayhem had finished their practice and was in their change room, Bisping and Tiki busted into the room with a set of fire extinguishers and filled the room with a fog of fire retardant.  As team Mayhem stormed out of the room angry, they were met with a Mariachi band and had no choice but to accept that they had just been owned in the prank war. Well played Mr. Ghosen!

The next prank was purely out of complete boredom. Right after training, Marcus Brimage stuffs his used sweaty jock strap into Bisping’s face and runs off before he can get any retribution. Gross.  In retaliation, Bisping and Tiki ambush Brimage during a late night team meeting at the house with several cans of silly string.

Beside all the pranks, there was some training that happens in this episode too.  Team Miller brought in Afghan-Dutch fighter Siyar Bahadurzada from the Golden Glory gym in Holland.  Siyar is known for his great stand up style that has been adapted to work well in MMA.  He helps Dennis Bermudez prepare for his fight against Akira. Check this link out for the extended clip of training with Siyar .

Team Mayhem’s Dennis Bermudez versus Akira Corassani  is the first semifinal match for the feather weights.  Akira controled the fight early with some great take down defense to keep the fight standing and land some solid strikes to Bermudez’s chin.  Akira had rocked Bermudez several times but was unable to stop the last take down that left Akira’s neck exposed for a guillotine choke.  Bermudez was able to secure the choke and force Akira to tap.

Dennis Bermudez def. Akira Corassani by submission (guillotine choke), 1:49 of round 1.

This fight will easily be in contention for fight of the season, or submission of the season as Bermudez came from behind to secure the victory.

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