Chael Sonnen Had Enough and Storms off Set of ‘Off The Record’


Michael Lansberg of TSN‘s ‘Off The Record’ has been around Canadian TV for over 3000 episodes. Lansberg has had plenty of controversial guests on the show, but has never once seen someone the likes of Chael Sonnen.

The interview started off extremely rocky as Lansberg accused Sonnen of backing out of the loser leaves town offer he extended to Anderson Silva following his victory at UFC 136. “You might want to take the bass out of your tone, I’m not sure you know who you’re talking to here, but I’ve never backed down from anything, so check your facts.”

Lansberg and Sonnen never settled down as Sonnen referred to the line of questioning as “gotcha” and “stupid.” Eventually Sonnen got fed up with Lansberg’s “stupid” questions and stormed off the set after just 10 minutes.

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  • Bob says:

    Botox boy interviews a real fighter, and can’t figure out why he left??? wow really?

  • ufclvr says:

    Chael is a JERK…. Can’t wait til he gets cut from UFC!

  • fingerssfv says:

    Lansberg is such an idiot!  I never knew the world had , I mean literally had someone like that alive and on the air.  What a dweeb.  He was on the attack from word “go” and he is lucky he does not do those types of interviews face-to-face.

    • Thepasc says:

      Sorry man,I “liked” your comment BY MISTAKE.
      i’VE BEEN READING YOUR COMMENT FOR QUITE A WHILE NOW (sorry for the cap!),and you rarely make sens.Saying it was Lansberg’s fault there….come on!
      “… and he is lucky he does not do those types of interviews face-to-face.” LoL.So you seriously think Sonnen would have got into a fight with Lansberg!!

      On another topic;Why did you say that Rory McDonald was the next UFC fighter to get caught for taking PED???
      I’d like an answer,cuz IMO,you have no right to say that.The only reason why you wont get sued,its because you’re a nobody (I’m not saying I am better than that!).
      That was a low blow.

      And btw,he did “stormed” off the set.Cuz he left before the end,w/o saying why…etc…

      P.S:Cut these hairs under your nose….

  • fingerssfv says:

    “…storms off the set.”  Sonnen ended his interview as calmly as any man or woman could do, so why report he “stormed” off the set?  Man, can’t you fools just get it real once?  Just say the truth in reality’s term.

  • Noemail says:

    Sonnin is just a spoiled kid having a fit.

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