The T.U.F. Morning After: Season 14, Episode 9

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The majority of this episode follows Dustin Pague and T.J. Dillashaw as they are the first featherweight semifinalist to fight.  The show starts off with Pauge asking their van driver to pull over to give a homeless man a package of food.  As a strong Christian, Pague makes it a point to show that fighters do not have to be barbaric thugs outside the gym.  They can come from all walks of life and can do good in their communities.

Pague also shows that he can eat bugs.  During a barbeque at the fighter house, Mayhem Miller dares Pague to eat a cockroach for $60.00.  Pague accepted the challenge and off when his team to find him something to much on.  They were able to find a small cockroach, some rolly pollies and a large beetle.  Pague, compelled by the cheering of the mob of his teammates, shoved the hand full of insects in to his mouth, swallowed and collected his cash.  Pague said that the bugs tasted like Pinesol.

This episode also had the season’s coaches challenge.  The coaches are pitted against each other at a game of Dana’s choosing, and the winner receives $10,000.00 for their team($1500.00 per member).  Unfortunately for Mayhem, it was a game of air hockey.  The challenge went by quickly as Bisping swept the best of 5 series with 3 games in a row.   Mayhem gets the last laugh as Bisping makes his victory stance on top of the air hockey table, he accidentally slips off the table and lands on his buttocks.  Smooth move, Englishman.

The semifinal match up of Pague vs Dillashaw is a contrast of styles.  Pague is best known for his technical striking and slick submission ground game, where Dillashaw is known for his heavy hands and strong wrestling.  Dillashaw’s wrestling became the deciding factor of this fight.  Asside from Pauge landing a solid knee to Dillashaw’s face at the end of the first round, Dillashaw controled the majority of the fight on top of Pague with an active arsenal of ground and pound.  To Pague’s credit, he had multiple submission attempts, but each attempt was smothered by Dillashaw’s strengths.

T.J Dillashaw defeated Dustin Pague via unanimous decision and qualifies for the featherweight final.


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