George St-Pierre Speaks About Rush Fit, Nick Diaz and Jake Ellenberger

GSPGeorge St-Pierre was in Toronto promoting his Fitness DVD, which is the #1 selling Fitness DVD by a Professional Athletic of all time. The welterweight champion spoke with Showdown Joe Ferraro of UFC Central about his Rush Fit DVD and his upcoming fight with Nick Diaz. He also spoke about the decision to turn down the fight with Carlos Condit and the recent comments made by Jake Ellenberger.


  1. just rewatched the diaz vs penn fite last nite. I’m not impressed by Nick at all. Nick was the much larger man against BJ.  BJ had good success counter punching diaz. I will say that Diaz did very well going to the body especially in the 2nd round. BJ has lost alot of his speed and belongs at 155, there is no doubt.  GSP will be able to takedown Diaz at will, hold him there and ground and pound, Diaz will however stop any submission attempts.  The interesting part is that I believe GSP can out box Diaz using his speed and explosion. If he allows himself to counter punch Diaz like Penn did then watch out, Diaz will eventually fail to an early stoppage.  


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