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SPECIAL EDITION – Behind the Shirt w/ Marc Wilson #5.9: Maturity… and Respect


I hope Jon Jones doesn’t read my blog…

I figured I was safe posting one of my bi-weekly articles for as I doubt Jon Jones reads my blog…

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I think that even if he did, I am sure he may somewhat see my side of it and I hope that he would respect my opinion because I am not some outsider or “Fan Boy” saying something that I don’t know anything about.

For those who remember, I personally was THE ONLY person who brought FORM Athletics to Canada until K-Swiss purchased the brand and eventually decided to include FORM as a part of their Canadian Division of K-Swiss earlier in 2011 when I was left out of the equation. Not before restructuring my business to a major success without the brand who now struggles for sales in this country I might add…

So when I say something about Jonny Bones it is based on real accounts, actual events and educated opinions, etc, etc, etc.

That sounded pretty vengeful didn’t it? Well, let me be the first to say that I have no vengeance towards FORM, K-Swiss, Mark Miller, Urijah Faber, K-Swiss Canada or any fighters on their payroll including Jon Jones. In fact, I still talk to all of these people today and I support the brand, fighters and people involved and I consider former President and Founder Mark Miller a mentor of mine.

As I write this, maybe I should post this as my article for Behind the Shirt on too.

So let’s get to why I wanted to speak my mind on this topic. In the past I have had an issue with how Jonny Bones Jones represented himself and the people who paid his way in this industry. Even after I had left FORM I still wished that Jon had more support for the brand who invested a lot (and I mean A LOT) of money in him, outside of just walking out in the shirt and shorts for the fights.

I also felt that JBJ needed a sense of humbleness that he never seemed to have even when he first started. I am the first person to love the cocky athlete who feels like he can’t be beat. I am actually the guy who likes the players with an ego like crazy: LeBron James, Tiger Woods, David Beckham, Kobe Bryant, Alexander Ovechkin, Andy Roddick, Allen Iverson, etc. However, all of those people have had times when they have been humbled by their superiors, colleagues or otherwise and usually on a grand stage of some sort.

Tonight, as I watched UFC 140 in a city that I grew up in on a night that was filled with a ton of viewers and media attention Jon Jones was faced with adversity for the first time and still succeeded in his title defense in a tough division full of fighters going for his throat. In a true form of Bones’ maturing process, instead of letting his arrogance reign he was humble and admitted that he was fear of defeat (although he lined it with confidence… we caught that Bones). Recently, and maybe by the recommendation of the people who pay his bills, he has been a much better representative of those who allow him to fight in the sport that he chose (because let’s be honest, we could all see him as a Wide Receiver, Small Forward, Center Fielder, Striker or whatever sport he chose…). I know his management team has more arrogance than even he will ever have, but we have all learned to ignore the ego’s of useless and ignorant management that some in this industry have, but sometimes talent can prevail over the bad news that representation can create for you. I have heard some horror stories about Jon Jones, but maybe he is unfortunately being grouped in with the integrity of his management and that is unfortunate for him. I do have actual accounts of events that Jon made his own decisions on, but considering his age it is easy to blame his age and immaturity for those if I needed to convince myself of otherwise.

I appreciate that with all of these defenses of his title, JBJ seems to be maturing fast. I hope that he does continue to overcome the reputation that he and his people have created for him as I think that with talent like he has there is no stopping Jonny “Bones” Jones in multiple title defenses and multiple belts in multiple divisions… Yeah, I said it. I’m sure I am not the only one to think it either.

In the case that Jon does read this? Let’s be clear, I have always thought that he was the best in the division, called wins in every one of his fights, supported every fight and never said that I had any problem with anything he has ever done. But, you are in a small industry and people talk… So if someone is going to pay your way (and allow you to buy a Bentley Continental) make sure you speak highly of those people and make sure that you make their money well spent. They invested in you, so make them their money back to the BEST of your ability for 365 days per year. Not just when you fight. Granted you fought 4 times this year… Impressive.

That should be a lesson to ALL fighters, athletes, actors, etc.

To “skew” an existing saying… “There are only 2 things that are inevitable in life: Death and Taxes”. Notice that SPONSORS are not included in there. Bills and taxes will continue to add up, but even if your career goes on as long as Tito’s the bills won’t stop coming… the sponsorships will end. QUICKLY.

Quietly, I hope Bones does read this…

He can call me if he wants. He can easily get my phone number from Malki, Mark, Urijah or even my website. I think that even he, in his maturing process would agree that I am right. Maybe, he’ll call me anyways. We can hang out if he wants, I’ll even pay for the drinks.

Marc Wilson

Owner – Derailed Industries

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