Brock Lesnar Ends Interview After Being Questioned About His Underdog Statu

In an interview with Ariel Helwani of, Brock Lesnar stated he doesn’t care that he is the underdog, however just after he made that comment he cut the interview short. Lesnar is set to make his return to the octagon this Friday (Dec.30) at UFC 141 against Alistair Overeem. This will be Lesnar’s first fight back since losing the UFC heavyweight title to Cain Velasquez back in October 2010.

“I want to be the best UFC heavyweight champion in the world. That’s [the legacy I want to leave]. Absolutely [I’ve watched fight footage of Alistair Overeem], it’s part of the training camp. You cannot prepare for your opponent if you don’t watch [film]. We’ve watch plenty of film on him and I think we are well prepared. We just have to force my fight here [at UFC 141]. I’m not going allow him to control this fight and I think we’ll be successful. I don’t think there is a heavyweight in the world, in this division, who had done what I’ve done. I don’t really care what [Alistair Overeem] did or does. I don’t care [laughs]. I just have to stay calm — I’ve been through this before…. I don’t know and don’t care [that I’m the underdog]. Thank you.” –  transcribed by

According to Bovada (formerly Bodog), Lesnar is a +115 underdog in the main event at the MGM Grand Garden Arena in Las Vegas, Nevada, this Friday night against Overeem -145.


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