UFC Brings Back Miguel Torres

It was three weeks ago when the MMA world was in shock that Dana White had let Miguel Torres go following a rape comment on twitter.

Ariel Helwani gave the word today via his twitter account.

Dana says Torres is back. Torres has donated money to local rape centers, visited them. Dana says Torres was very remorseful.

No word as to when the former WEC bantamweight champion will return to the octagon.

Did you expect the UFC to bring Torres back? Were they right to let him go in the first place? Will he be in any main card fights?


  1. Good to see Torres back.  Donating money and visiting rape centers is good, I just hope Torres continues charity work in that arena. To really be viewed as sincere and not just use this as a bandaid.  I think Dana had to send a strong message to his fighters to ensure that proffesionalisim is adhered to outside the ring as well. As for Torres being a main card draw?  Of course!  Why? Simple, In 2012 there like 30 shows scheduled for the UFC.  They all can’t title fights and stacked cards like years gone by…

  2. He never should have been let go.  That locker room talk he put on Twitter or whatever was stupid and should have involved a suspension or whatever, but to cut his contract was stupid. 

    Oh yeah, Torres visiting rape centers doesn’t change anything.  Dana is bringing Torres back because he sees $$$.  Not because he gives a shit.


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