Road to the Pro’s: Micah Brakefield #11

Hey guys, so obviously i’m not going pro yet. I am going to be fighting Ryan Allen on Feb 11th up in Vernon, BC. It will be my 7th fight inside the Battlefield Fight League cage, and my 8th amateur fight.  People around here (Vancouver, BC) see that and instantly think it’s time to go pro. I think there is a real rush in the local scene for guys to go pro. In any trade you are a journeyman for 4 years before you are ready to go out on your own and do your trade as a professional, I don’t see why MMA would be any different. I have only been training MMA since January of last year when i joined the West Coast BJJ team. My jits is coming along, but i’m still a white belt, my stand up is starting to come along and my wrestling isn’t technically sound enough for me to feel like I am ready to be a professional fighter based on the fact that I wrestled in college. So until I feel like no one in my weight class in amateur MMA can take a round off me I think I will remain an amateur.  

I have got to watch two of Ryan’s previous fights on the internet and think I see things that I can exploit. Its hard to try and pick apart an amateur fighters video because every fight, especially newer fighters, are going to be different than their last. This fight is going to be in his home town and from what I can tell from his last outing that he will have a lot of support. I relish in the fact that i’m going to get to go and beat a guy that the whole crowd thinks will win. It seems like every fight everyone seems to be able to list 100 reasons why i’m not going to win the fight and I always enjoy the shocked look on peoples faces when I win against someone so physically imposing. 

I figured out a way to take from christmas through the first week of January off so that I can train as much as possible. I went up to SFU yesterday to get some wrestling in and I remembered why so many athletes from that program excel at such a high level. It is a room full of people  working so hard that it drives everyone to excellence.  Today i am as sore as i can remember ever being, but I already got some boxing in and am off to do some grappling at WCBJJ PoCo. I hope this next fight to put on my best performance yet and maybe i will be ready to go pro after.  Who knows, for now train train train.

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