Road to the Pros: Micah Brakefield #13 – Two Weeks til Weigh-Ins

Two weeks out from Battlefield 13 and i’m sick, tired and beat up, yet I know that two weeks from right now i will be eating a dinner that tastes extra special because I will have spent the week leading up to that moment cutting weight. Obviously, cutting weight is terrible, but its part of the sport and while your eating that meal after your done sucking down mixes of Pedialyte, water, and anything else liquid you have been fixated on during the cut (sometimes root beer, sometimes apple juice, every time is different) for a second, it all feels worth it because that food tastes so amazing.
I know that I am more prepared for this fight than any other fight. I am more comfortable with my stand up, and my ground feels better than ever. On top of that i’m in the best shape of my life.
People who don’t know me seem to think that I don’t get nervous before my fights. Truth is, even thinking about my entrance song; “Garden Grove” makes my legs shake and my mouth water. Fighting is a nerve racking  experience. Every day (twice a day if their lucky) fighters go to the gym and beat their bodies up in hopes of becoming a better fighter. Some people think that mixed martial arts is for gangsters and meat heads but the further I throw my life into this sport the more in love with it and its culture I become.
Last Friday I made a decision. That decision was that I needed to train more then I do. Solution, I decided to give my two weeks notice at my job and look for part time work that would allow me to train multiple times a day. Then I walked into work on Monday and had a meeting with the owner of the company. She told me that they were willing to work with me, and make adjustments that would allow me to train more while still making a dependable living. In talking, we decided one of the major problems I had was how long it took me to get to and from work. My boss offered that as a part of sponsoring me, that during the week I could take the work van too and from work so I could get to training on time and I could work less hours if need be. I got to say, I didn’t see that coming. Knowing that my work supports me chasing my dreams means a lot to me. Now with my new work schedule i will be able to make it up to Burnaby mountain to work on my wrestling and just being a part of the grind that is the wrestling room. 
For the next two weeks it’s all going through my light drills and preparing mentally for this fight. Ryan looks like a strong guy, who fights hard and i look forward to seeing what ends up happening when the cage door locks.

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