Warpath to Mayhem

On March 3rd, Ainofea, with X-1 and RK Sports, kicks off the first MMA event on Kauai in 2012, paving the way for local fighters from Kauai to take it to the next level.  March 3rd’s Warpath to Mayhem event is just the start of MMA events to follow this year, with a much larger show planned for the end of the year.

Seven years and 12 shows later, Ainofea’s events is the longest running MMA show in Hawaii to date.  While other shows have made huge impacts in Hawaii, they have not lasted long. Ainofea recently collaborated with X-1 World Events, which allows them to open doors for Kauai fighters to eventually work up to that level of competition and exposure.

Warpath to Mayhem

Not only does Ainofea events help new fighters gain experience, it also gives back to the academies that produce the fighters for their shows.  On March 3rd, Ainofea will be donating a stand up paddleboard, bag, paddle, leash, and fins (worth $1,000).  All the proceeds will go to help one martial arts academy on the island so they can continue to guide the youth, teaching them honor and humility, and to respect everyone and each other.

Unlike a lot of MMA promoters, Ainofea’s Vance Pascua stresses the importance of keeping the locals off the streets (from drugs) and getting them into the gym. All of his events are alcohol-free and promote an environment that respects the martial arts.

Although Kauai is still known for its grapplers instead of its MMA fighters, you can be sure that events like these are helping to increase the arsenal of up and coming mixed martial artists from Hawaii.


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