Help George St. Pierre and fight MPAA rating on Bully Project film

A very important documentary called “The Bully Project” is coming to select movie theaters on March 30th. Canadian UFC Superstar George St.Pierre has been spearheading an effort to have the movie shown to every kid in Canada and the United States. Unfortunately the MPAA which decides the rating of a film just announced that this important documentary will be receiving an R rating.

This is with out a doubt the worst rating that this film could receive. and many others are asking you to sign the below petition to have this rating changed to PG-13. Although the film is graphic because of it’s real depiction of bullying, it is important for kids to realize the harm that bullying can do to any child. The film doesn’t show anything new to what kids see in schools everyday. Instead it tells real life stories about the negative affects of bullying and how we can all stand up to fight back. We cannot let the bullies win. Whether it is kids getting bullied at school, or online, we need to educate the masses that bullying needs to stop. and others are currently in talks with sponsors to set up some special screenings where the film can be shown to kids in our neck of the woods (Vancouver). We are also going to get a few special guest speakers to talk to kids about the epidemic of bullying after the film. Please sign the below petition. More information to come, so please stay tuned.

Please click on this link to sign the petition

If you are a company or a person who would like to help us with special screenings in the Vancouver/Lower Mainland area, please contact Trevor Dueck at This film is very important and we could use your help.


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